Jesse Herbert is a designer, engineer, entrepreneur, musician and jack of many trades living in Montreal, Canada. Best known for his invention of the bicycle wine rack, he has designed and handmade thousands of unique items in Montreal, Ottawa & Los Angeles.  He believes that to be a great designer , one must be a great builder and visa versa. His latest tools for urban living are available through his project
Creativity, curiosity and industriousness have been the focus of his life since his childhood where he learned piano and guitar in his first studio, built and destroyed things in his first workshop and practiced the art of entrepreneurship with his brothers.
Both a student of Industrial Design, at the University of Carleton, and a graduate from the University of Waterloo Mechanical Engineering Co-op program, Jesse has spent his life studying how things are made and practicing the implementation of his designs.
Though his engineering pursuits led him to work for dozens of employers in the environmental technology and production sectors, his passion lies in collaborating with more creative minds, helping them bring concepts to physical reality. Since moving to Montreal in 2009 he has served as a consultant with a variety of creative organizations and artist. More recently, he’s collaborated with Cirque de Soleil, a Genetics Lab, Crudessence, Santropol Roulant & Rise Kombucha.
Jesse can be found having a blast, creating in his Montreal Mile-End workshop.